Download WhatsApp Messenger for Huawei

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Huawei

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Huawei smartphones and tablets. Whatsapp messenger is the most popular instant messaging application for smart phone users all over the world. It makes use of internet and cellular numbers of its users to connect and enable them to share a wide range of media. Among its key features are text messages, voice messages, group chat, photos, videos and document sharing. All of these features are easy and fun to use due to its simple and user-friendly interface.

As Whatsapp messenger makes use of internet connection to send text messages, voice messages, and other media, it does not charge any fee for that. One can connect to his friends and family all over the world using Whatsapp over the internet. The group chat feature of whatsapp is unique in a sense that it allows its users to share messages, photos, and videos to up to 256 people all at the same time. Besides sharing photos and videos, the Whatsapp messenger has its own built-in camera to capture and share moments in an instant. The voice message feature of whatsapp enables its users to record a voice note of their desired time length, and share it with other users. Documents of up to 100 Mb in the form of word files, PDF files, spreadsheets, slides can be sent through whatsapp even with a slow internet connection.

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