Huawei P10 Review

Huawei P10 Review

Last year was the transformative year for Huawei. The Chinese company having the reputation of sullying the great hardware selection along with the gross software got the action to be combined. Throughout the whole year, the company slowly chipped away at the annoyance using its EMUI interface, before getting overhauled everything in the form of highly improved release of Mate 9 having EMIU 5. And even along with the slightly weird software, the Huawei P9 got sold globally, reaching to 10 million shipments at the end of 2016. Within the UK, the phone reached to all four main networks.

In 2017, the main challenge for the company is to make all the possible and positive progress without losing its momentum – initiating with two novel high range phones, the Huawei P10 as well as Huawei P10 Plus. Similar to its previous version, the P10 series provide the same hardware versions all across the two sizes of the screen within the classy, understated metallic shell.

Depending on the color as well as the finishing of the phone, the P10 lies somewhere on the range amid the attractive and pedestrian phones. With the standard got polished, it offers the anodized finished made up of metal – which includes the staple hues such as gold, black, and silver – the phone has the remarkable look similar to the iPhone. It is well constructed and highly comfortable to be used but is a bit slippery especially the 5.5-inch model.

With much extravagant charming colors, including the dazzling blue, the phone looks amazing. The back side of the phone is unique and feels good to be handled. The company has called it the hyper diamond cut surface which is finely cut having etches of the metal, making back side of the device unique among all other phones. The body of phone shimmers as the phone is rotated in the light, and a scratch is made by the nail over the surface, a sound like a nail file is produced.

Similar to the older models, the latest innovations done by the company include the quite decent setup of the speaker, mixed with the bottom fire main speaker along with the extra tweeter behind the earpiece, as the part of the pseudo-stereo setting. The output sound produced by the Mate 9 feels like a touching bassier to the ears and is less tinny with high volumes. Even then the P10 got a respectable place than other phones in this regard.


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