What should you Know about Huawei Honor 7?

What should you Know about Huawei Honor 7?

Huawei is a popular producer, and it’s well known due to its impeccable phones. Its stars seem to be rising quickly of late. This is among the few Chinese handsets that are experiencing increased demands outside its home boundaries. Buying off these phones is now easier as they can be ordered directly from the manufacturer via Huawei’s vmall online store.

It’s true that Huawei smartphones are getting better markets abroad, but the question remains, Can it make it in the West? Huawei devices are currently trading at 3 UK online stores and are also tied in those carriers. Many questions remain unanswered whether these phones will make it in the United States. However, Huawei manufacturers make their phones readily available and relatively cheap to buy. This strategy is doomed to help these devices secure a standing in the west. More so, Huawei company is offering subsidies to the ask price if customers join the honor club. These strategies promise a better future of these devices in the market.

Amazingly, even when the offer lapses; the honor company still gives attractive value for money. These strategies mingle with its compatriots like; the one plus 2 and Maize M2 note that offers attractive hardwares at low prices. Honor 7 is loaded with the following features, an octa—core processor, 16-64GB memory storage and a 3GB RAM.in addition; it also features a fingerprint scanner and a 20 megapixel camera. It’s, therefore, a decent phone with neat features and innovations embedded.

In the west, honor 7 faces unhealthy competition the recently released Moto G. this rival comes with either 1GB RAM and 8GB storage capacity or 2GB RAM/16GB storage version all at relatively low prices. The design of Honor 7 is outright and basic, which gives it a more than familiar outlook. Smartphones are becoming competent in structure; therefore, customers are looking for smart devices offering some features that are quite different on the outside. A basic external design will bore the customers. Honor 7 confronts all the rivals with an artistic design that leaves everyone yearning to touch and own.

The front rear of honor 7 appears as a derivative of Sony and Apple offering, but the back covers quite different. The back has a slightly curved and aluminum texture that gives the model a sturdy feel. This design provides more security on the device even if it drops to the ground. It’s also on the back rear where we have an LED flash and a camera. A fingerprint scanner is just below the camera. Many customers highly rate Honor 7 because of the following, good performance, excellent camera and price, decent specs, and good battery saving tools. Its negativity is based on the following; unfinished interface, uninspired battery design. But all in all, honor 7 is a decent model.


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