5 Best Features of Huawei Mate 10 Lite

5 Best Features of Huawei Mate 10 Lite

In this article, I am going to tell you about five really best features of Huawei Mate 10 Lite which really stands out when you’re using this phone. So the first thing is this beautiful display. Now, this is a 5.9 inch full HD IPS LCD panel and it looks really gorgeous not because it is any different, except that it has a different screen resolution, so it has a screen resolution of 18 by 9, so it’s a narrower but taller. So it fills the most of the front of the phone, and that is one of the reasons why it looks absolutely gorgeous. So whenever you turn your phone on, it gives you the impression of such a large display because Huawei was able to fit this 5.9-inch massive display into a relatively smaller body, so it does not feel any larger, so the display really stands out and it looks really beautiful when you’re using it.

And that brings us to the second standard feature and that is the build quality of this phone. So it’s built of metal and glass, so we have a metal at the back of the glass with the front, but it looks just beautiful. This matte black finish is just gorgeous and I really love using this phone. Handling it is also great, it’s really smooth and it’s slippery overall. It does give an impression and feel of a premium phone because everything about this phone is premium, the build quality is top-notch, and the fingerprint scanner is great. It is fast and you get this metrical look, so everything is perfect build wise. It looks great you might want to put on a case on it because you don’t want to damage this beautiful build quality and these buttons are really clicky and they work really fine and nice, I guess they’re also metal. There are speaker grilles at the bottom charging port and headphone jack. Overall, it’s very beautiful and you really enjoy using this phone and eventually, you do feel like you’re using a high premium phone, not a mid-range phone, and that is what really stands out and you eventually start to love using this phone now.

The third thing that has really impressed me is the battery, the battery is powered by 3340 milliamp power of the battery. So you can easily get six hours of screen on time and that is with streaming online music, taking photos, alternating between 4G and Wi-Fi and things like that, playing games and texting using Whatsapp social media. It is very difficult to drain it in one day because the standby time is great when you’re not using this phone, it will not use up any battery. There are tons of power saving modes, so you can even get more out of the batteries. Battery life is just great and also one of the best features of this phone.

That brings me to the full camera system on this phone. So if we have got two cameras at the back into it, the front has 13-megapixel cameras, while at the back you have 16 megapixels, and basically, these cameras help you take really great photos.

The fifth and the last best feature of this Phone is the software and its crazy options that you get with this phone. So there are a lot of options. So if you go in settings you will see that there are tons and tons of options. You get a home screen style where you can either opt for a drawer or remove it. You have got display settings and there are tons of settings here. So you can change the view mode, text size, screen saver, brightness, color, temperature, sleep rotation mode. There are tons and tons of settings and then there are smart assistance options, so you get a floating dock if you turn on motion control. You’ve also got knuckle gestures here and options with the fingerprint scanner to pull down the notification panel to take photos also silent alarms, and then there is a touch disable more gloves mode. Those are the five best features of Huawei Mate Lite.


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